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This summer be a peace builder...

‘Creating Peace’ Theme for July and August 2023 
Let me tell you what peace can bring… 

Business Meeting

Global Competence

Promoting partnerships between JASRI and the arts education sector brings students fresh opportunities. Supporting students, staff, and the school community has always been complex and multi-faceted. Global competence includes cognitive development, social emotional skills, and civic learning. It has overlapping dimensions that all students will need to develop to interact successfully. 

Today, jobs require collaboration with people face-to-face as well as virtually. Teams may be in their communities, other regions, and in other nations.  Globally competent students investigate the world, recognize perspectives, communicate ideas, and take action.  

Enjoy an on-going series of virtual and/or in-person learning experiences inspired by traditional Japanese artistic techniques, practices, and influences to give you a glimpse into this fascinating culture. These activities are appropriate for students, families, and adults of all artistic levels and with diverse needs. 

  • Expand understanding of how artisans approach their craft, participants learn to be artists, too, and explore the power to make their own choices to turn a variety of materials into pieces of art. 

  • Expose participants to art from diverse cultures in a variety of media; and learn how artists use a variety of materials, colors, shapes, words, and their imaginations to make their art. 

  • Inspire participants to explore other heritages and cultures and share their experiences with their friends and families.

If you’re looking to host a workshop or a series, JASRI has all kinds of entertaining and inspiring mindfulness courses based on SEL (social-emotional learning) concepts. Each project focuses on a variety of Japanese art forms accompanied by step-by-step activities, material lists with sources, and guiding questions to spark reflection and meaningful discussions.



Folding Paper, Making Peace

Folding Paper, Creating Peace is a public arts experience with a social-emotional learning focus on identity. Origami is a traditional Japanese art form that brings people together. Also called paper folding, this process is one of the main practices for bringing more peace to our life and has the potential to create a change in how we see others. Envision and create a more peaceful life by making art and folding paper!


If I lived in Japan: A Cultural exploration

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Japan? In this workshop, you'll get a chance to learn about Japanese culture through fun, hands-on interactive lessons. Although Modern Japan is one of the most industrialized, modern nations in the world its a nation that’s rich in tradition. Immerse yourself in this vibrant culture through a variety of engaging activities. You'll have the chance to create a presentation about your favorite aspect of Japan to share. Sign up today and start your journey to Japan!

Traditional Kimono


Fashion Design: Japanese Textile Art

This course explores the art of fashion design and illustration, with a focus on Japanese textile art. Students will learn about the principles and elements of fashion design, as well as the history of the fashion industry in Japan. They'll also have the opportunity to create their own kimono designs inspired by Japanese culture using markers, colored pencils, and watercolors.



Reimagining Classroom Leadership: Global Competence and Social Emotional Learning

Professional cultural development designed for educators of all levels and backgrounds. It's an essential opportunity for educators committed to creating inclusive and equitable learning environments for all students. True leadership requires us to reimagine the way in which we address unconscious biases in schools. 

The intent is to get students thinking about the world differently. And empower them to take action on issues related to identity, race, racism and social justice. And continue taking steps forward on the journey from exclusion to inclusion, from separation to connection.  

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