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Fostering Global Connections

The Commodore Matthew C. Perry Global Initiative Launches in Partnership with Roger Williams University

The Japan-America Society and Black Ships Festival of Rhode Island, Inc.® (JASRI) is proud to announce the official launch of the Commodore Matthew C. Perry Global Initiative, in collaboration with Roger Williams University (RWU). This initiative marks a significant step forward in our mission to cultivate lasting educational and cultural bridges between Rhode Island and Japan. For over four decades, JASRI has been a champion of cultural exchange through the renowned Black Ships Festival. We’ve fostered appreciation for Japanese heritage and a spirit of friendship across the Pacific.

A Shared Vision for Education:

JASRI, established in 1982, has long been dedicated to fostering understanding and appreciation between these two cultures. We host a multitude of cultural events and educational programs all aimed at enriching lives and promoting global citizenship. RWU, founded in 1633, embodies the spirit of open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity championed by its namesake. With a strong commitment to international education, the University offers diverse international programs and fosters a vibrant global learning environment.

This partnership between JASRI and RWU is a natural synergy, bringing together an organization with a deep understanding of Japanese culture and an esteemed university with a proven track record of international education.

The Commodore Matthew C. Perry Global Initiative:

Named after Commodore Matthew C. Perry, USN whose historic arrival in Japan opened a new chapter in US-Japan relations, this initiative aims to:

• Connect Rhode Island and Japanese students through interactive learning programs.

• Promote cultural exchange and foster mutual understanding.

• Develop global leadership skills in our future generations.

The Commodore Matthew C. Perry Global Initiative embodies the philosophy that international travel and education is about lifelong learning, personal growth, and fostering a broader, interconnected worldview between Rhode Island students and their counterparts in Japan.

Stay Tuned for More Details:

We are thrilled to embark on this exciting journey with RWU and look forward to sharing more details about the Commodore Matthew C. Perry Global Initiative in the coming weeks. We believe this program will have a lasting impact on the lives of participating students.

Together, we can build a future of global understanding and collaboration.

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